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Sonnentor Organic Chinese Green Tea Gunpowder, 100g

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Gunpowder originally from China has an herb-rich flavors and a delicate floral note. This tea has a yellow-greenish color and its aroma is able to calm our mind and body. Black and green tea, incidentally come from the same tea plant, Camelia sinensis. For the production,green tea leaves are steamed in pans or roasted but not fermented like black tea. Therefore, these two kinds of tea taste totally different.


Product Highlight

The bitter taste of Far East



  • Certified Organic (Austria Bio Garantie)
  • Unfermented tea, a steamed green tea low in caffeine content.
  • Alkaline Food.
  • Suitable for vegan.



The Gunpowder green tea has a champagne-colored which is light green when infused in water. The Gunpowder has toasty aroma and the flavor of the tea is sweet and grassy at the beginning then turns into an intensely tart toasty.



Green tea should be steeped in very hot but not boiling water for 2-3 minutes to prevent bitterness.


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Organic Gunpower Green Tea Leaves