Organicule ginger powder 100g

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Ginger's warm, spicy-sweet flavour & pungent aroma are unmistakable. Ginger is known for easing digestion, reducing nausea, and boosting the immune system. Nutritionally dense and loaded with plant-based antioxidants & vitamins/minerals.

Special diet
Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO
Health Benefits
Helps with common cold, Lowers cholesterol, Improves skin health, Helps with motion sickness, Improves metabolism, Improves digestive health. 
How to take
Have It Like A Boss - Stir one serving of Organicule Ginger powder in a glass of water or your favourite beverage. Ginger is also commonly added to tea's and lattes to give it that extra kick and added nutritional benefits.
Super Charge - You can simply blend a serving of Organicule Ginger powder in your favourite smoothie, energy shake or protein drink. Another suggestion is to add them to your oats, cereals and other breakfast meals.
Get Creative/Bake With It - Get adventurous with our Ginger powder by creating your own ginger drink. Ginger powder is often used in baking as well to make things like ginger bread. Don’t forget to share your recipe with us and get featured on our page.
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