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Global Organics Chickpeas Salted, 400gm

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Global Organic Chickpeas are a wonderfully nutty, versatile nutritional powerhouse. Perfect in salads, dips, stews or roasted and spiced as a snack. Chickpeas are as versatile as your imagination. You can use them in many classic dishes like hummus or curries or you can get a bit more adventurous.

They make a fantastic mock chicken or tuna mayo for sandwiches or you can bake brownies and cakes with them. Don't toss out the liquid from your can when you drain them, this magical liquor is known as Aquafaba and can be used as an egg white substitute to make egg free, plant based, vegan meringue or even macaroons.

Chickpeas* (60%), Water, Sea Salt.
* Certified Organic.

Special diet: non GMO, certified organic and a source of protein and fibre. With no added sugar, oil, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.