So Long, Plastic. Hello, Paper!

So Long, Plastic. Hello, Paper!

Sustainability is on most of our minds these days. How can we reduce our waste and be more environmentally friendly? Today, we’ll be taking a look at how we, as a business, are implementing greener practices through our packaging.

Traditional packing materials, most often made from plastic and styrofoam, take years to break down and have terrible long-term effects. It’s estimated that bubble wrap takes 100 to 1,000 years to decompose; while styrofoam packing peanuts can take longer than 500 years. In contrast, paper and cardboard can be broken down in as little as 2 weeks! Although bubble wrap can technically be recycled, there are stipulations to its condition, and of course, the long and time-consuming process of finding a recycling centre that would accept it. Even after ‘breaking down’, plastic finds its way into our water in the form of microplastics which has devastating consequences for not only the natural world, but also for ourselves.

We have made our packaging as eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable as possible. Our products are all packed snugly in recyclable cardboard boxes, which are solid and can withstand rough handling. We’ve also substituted styrofoam packing peanuts for paper void fillers, which are made of recycled paper. These simple crumpled sheets of paper help to fill in any gaps, which stops items from moving around, thus preventing damage.

Instead of plastic bubble wrap, we’ve opted for honeycomb wrap, which makes for even better cushioning. Our Geami honeycomb wrap doesn’t even need tape; it can just be tucked in at the sides. According to the manufacturing company, 40 rolls of this eco-friendly wrapping is actually equivalent to 116 rolls of traditional plastic bubble wrap!

“Best packaging ever, protected with paper cushion instead of conventional bubble wrap, 100% recyclable and compostable. Top notch quality product and eco-friendly.” – Customer review on Shopee

Okay, so we’ve told you all about our eco-conscious packaging. Maybe you’re thinking, “What should I do with all these paper products once I’ve unpackaged my items?” Well, here are some ideas for you!

Cardboard boxes make for great storage options. Whether you’re storing food, books, or clothes, they fit in anywhere for both short or long term storage. You could also just as easily reuse them as packaging for your very own parcels, or for fun DIY projects. Our paper void fillers work well as wrapping paper, or of course, reused again in your own parcels to protect its contents. Finally, honeycomb wrap makes for a wonderfully rustic gift wrap idea. Simply wrap your item in it and tie some jute string around to secure it. Now your gift is environmentally friendly, protected from damage, and has added aesthetic value.

So now that you know all about our eco-friendly, low-waste packaging, we hope that you're also inspired to make the switch from plastic to paper!

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