Reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle that are not about losing weight

Reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle that are not about losing weight

You: “I have started committing to a plant-based vegan diet!” 

Friend A: “Oh I see, you must be doing it to lose some weight!”

Does this conversation feel déjà vu to you? It’s a common idea that veganism is merely the latest fad or diet trend for weight loss, but it is so much more than just lowering the number on the scales. Being a vegan is no longer just a niche or trend, it is a growing awakening about the relationship between human and nature, with huge momentum globally for so many other reasons that are not just about losing weight. Here we shed light on several other reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle. 

Environmental Sustainability

We are already aware that walking to the office or recycling household waste for composting are ways that can contribute to living a greener life. Are you also aware that being a vegan and consequently avoiding all animal products can also be one of the most effective things an individual can do to lower their carbon footprint? Livestock production and factory farming are two of the most significant contributors to environmental harm. Entire complex industries, which exist to support the demand for meat and dairy consumption, are responsible for the majority of global greenhouse gas emission, man-made pollution, and the depletion of farmlands as a resource. By embracing veganism we can play our part in shrinking our environmental footprint. 

Taking A Stand Against Animal Cruelty 

Collateral damage doesn’t end at the destruction of our green environment; to meet the demand of animal products, extraordinary cruelties are carried out almost wherever you look within the meat, dairy and egg industries. Raising and slaughtering animals at the current rate of agribusiness demand requires horrific, inhumane, torturous practices that bring a lifetime of suffering to billions of animals a year. Happy animals are shown on food packaging while the reality is more sinister. We inherently at our core love animals and know it is not right to eat them. Let’s show some kindness and compassion to other sentient beings -- it can never hurt to be kind and ethical. 

Improve Your Skin

Now that we know veganism is great for our animal friends and the green planet, let’s turn the lens on ourselves! There is a popular saying “you are what you eat”, and being vegan can do wonders for our skin. Plant-based foods that are water-rich such as melons, cucumbers, and other fruits can give your skin an additional hydration boost on top of being loaded with vitamins and minerals, making your skin more moisturized and more supple. Meat and dairy products are also known to aggravate skin conditions like acne, because they create an acidic state in the body and cause inflammation which can manifest as pimples. Give your skin some love and ditch that milk and steaks! 

Your Bank Account Will Thank You For It

If you had needed another practical reason to adopt a vegan lifestyle, here’s one: you’ll have a healthier bank statement in the long run! Going vegan is seen as an expensive lifestyle, however we have gladly proven it to be a myth as vegan diets can be economical. When the usual portions of meat are replaced with plant-based proteins, and opt for whole foods over highly processed foods, your monthly food expense can easily be cut in half. Many of the food staples of a vegan diet such as grains, beans, legumes, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits can be bought in bulk and some can be stored long-term. What’s more: meat consumption has been linked to various chronic diseases, and since a healthy plant-based vegan diet can prevent or even reverse chronic health ailments, your annual health care expenses will also drastically reduce when you spend less money on clinical visits and medication.  

Losing weight need not be the main factor to switch to veganism, as there is no direct correlation between body size and health; though if it occurs, take it as a fun bonus! 


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